[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Can I use the XM trading app? For smartphone users

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About XM

The “XM Trading App”, which was originally developed by XM Trading, is a smartphone-only app that allows you to not only trade, but also open an account, deposit and withdraw. We will explain the difference from the MT4/MT5 app and how to use it by downloading the XM trading app.

XM Trading app overview

Until now, when managing XM accounts on smartphones, it took time and effort to manage after opening the XM official website from a web browser. The biggest advantage of the XM Trading dedicated app is that it is linked to the member page, so you can easily manage your account, and you can complete everything from deposits and withdrawals to trading with just the app. It has the following features.

  • Account opening possible
  • Easy account management
  • Support live chat
  • 92 indicators
  • Compatible with MT4/MT5 accounts
  • demo trading
  • Deposits and withdrawal
  • Access to member page

XM’s app

There are three types of XM smartphone apps in total.

  • MT4 app…Only for trading with MT4 accounts
  • MT5 app…only for trading with MT5 account
  • XM trading app… Dedicated to trading with XM’s MT5 account, supports deposits/withdrawals/account opening

MT4/MT5 apps can also be used for trading with Forex traders other than XM as tools dedicated to trading. XM’s official app “XM Trading” is a tool exclusively for XM users, and it is possible not only to trade but also to open an account and deposit and withdraw.

XM app download

You can download it by going to the official page and selecting “App Store” or “Google Play” from “Platform”. It’s very easy.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

For the English version, it is as follows.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

Install “XM Trading”. Downloading the XM Trading app is now complete.

XM Trading app login

I will explain how to log in to the XM Trading app. Tap “XM Trading” to launch the app.

Source : XMTrading App

Enter your MT4/MT5 account ID and password and tap “Login”.

Source : XMTrading App

If the login information is correct, the quote screen will be displayed.

Source : XMTrading App

Basic screen of the XM Trading app

The XM Trading app has the following four menus.

  • Indicative price
  • Brand
  • order
  • detail

Indicative price

On the quotes screen, you can check the price fluctuations of the stocks registered in the watchlist.

Source : XMTrading App


When you select the symbol menu, the items are displayed. You can check the details of the displayed stocks or add them to your watchlist.

Source : XMTrading App


On the order screen, you can check the current order status. You can also cancel your order or change the settings on this screen.


The detailed menu is used to check account information and deposit/withdrawal.

Source : XMTrading App