[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Latest bonus types and campaigns Thorough explanation of how to open an account and receive deposit bonus

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Among the many Forex companies around the world, XM is said to be one of the Forex companies with a substantial deposit bonus. There are three types of XM bonus campaigns: “account opening bonus”, “deposit bonus” and “loyalty points”. I will explain the main contents.

Bonus type

There are three types of XM bonus campaigns: “Account Opening Bonus,” “Deposit Bonus,” and “Loyalty Points.” The recommendation is an account opening bonus that is only valid for the first time and will be granted immediately. It can be used as a margin for making profits when trading, so it can be used at a very good value. The application method and retention method are explained below. Among overseas FX brokers, XM has quite a lot of bonuses. Use the other bonuses you receive for trading.

BonusTarget accountcontent
account opening bonusstandard, micro, zero3,000 yen bonus for new account opening
100%・20% deposit bonusstandard, microAfter opening a new account, a bonus will be given according to the deposit amount (up to $ 5,000)
loyalty pointsstandard, microGive XMP (XM Trading points) for each trade. Accumulated XMP can be exchanged for bonuses.

account opening bonus

XM’s account opening bonus is a bonus of 3,000 yen just for opening a new account. In addition, you can receive a bonus of 3,000 yen only once per XM account opening bonus. (It is possible for one person to have multiple accounts, but it is not possible to receive one for each account.)

How to receive the account opening bonus

1. Open an account from the official website

2. Log in from the email sent from XM

3. Submit identity and address verification documents and activate your account

4. Click the “Bonus Claim” button

5. Follow the displayed instructions to complete the email verification

deposit bonus

XM’s deposit bonus is a bonus that gives you 100% and 20% of the deposit amount. Depending on the amount deposited to XM, you can receive as many times as you like until you reach the limit.

1. You can get a 100% bonus on the deposit amount up to $ 500 (equivalent to about 5,500 yen).

2.Up to $22,500 deposit, you will receive a 20% bonus on the deposit amount.

Only standard and micro accounts are eligible.

How to receive the deposit bonus

XM’s deposit bonus is automatically received every time you deposit into your account, and will be reflected in your account immediately until the maximum (upper limit) bonus amount of $ 5,000 (equivalent to about 550,000 yen) is reached.

XM Loyalty Points

XM loyalty points are bonuses that you can earn at a certain percentage every time you trade. Also known as XMP (XM Trading Points).

XMP can only be earned with “Standard Account” and “Micro Account”, and Zero Account is not eligible.

How to receive XMP

XM loyalty points are automatically granted and accumulated for each round trip of 1 lot transaction. Your XMP balance will be instantly reflected on the member page and can be checked at any time.

How to use XMP

XM loyalty points can be redeemed for credits. In other words, it can be used as trading margin. Exchanges can be made at any time, and all XMPs can be exchanged, or just some of them.

friend referral bonus

XM allows you to earn a “friend referral bonus” when you refer a friend. The specific amounts and conditions are as follows. Usually provided and awarded for each referral. If you want to do it now, please ask support first. There are no fees. There are ranks depending on the number of people, so please refer to the following.

per friend
For 1-15 friends25$
For 16-30 friends30$
31 or more friends35$

The more friends you refer, the more bonuses you get. Also, since the bonus is paid to the friend who was introduced, it can be said that it is a mechanism that benefits both parties.

XM Bonus Notes

XM bonuses can only be used as credits. In the worst case, if you commit a violation, your account will be frozen. If you do this, you will need to register your account again and submit your ID again. If your account is dormant, you will need to reactivate your account. The outline is different, so if you are unsure, be sure to check with the management. Once you accumulate enough bonuses, you can increase them and use them as margin.

Disappears when withdrawn

When XM bonus is withdrawn, it will disappear according to the amount withdrawn. Be careful if it’s your first time. There is no problem if you have already used it, but let’s check the current bonus amount first.

Expires if the account is not used for 90 days

All XM bonuses will be forfeited if your account is not used for 90 days. Please note that in the settings, you will not be able to receive the item yourself. We recommend that you complete the bonus procedure within the bonus period as much as possible. This rule is unique to XM.

cushion function

XM bonuses have a cushion feature. For more information on the cushion function, please refer to the article below. If you use this service, you can trade with just a bonus. This is a great feature as it increases your principal. You can check your margin on My Page. You can order even small amounts.

Bonuses have an expiration date

XM bonuses may disappear. Please note that if more than 30 days have passed, you will not be able to receive the item. Please refer to the article below.

Bonus withdrawal

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn at all. Therefore, caution is required.

How to open an XM account and procedures

Please refer to the article below to open an account. When you open an account, the bonus will be transferred to your trading account by transferring funds in your wallet. It is also possible to create additional accounts. Even if your account becomes dormant, it can be revived. There is also a point redemption system and cashback. Below we explain how to register each from the beginning. There are terms of use, so it is safe to start by yourself. There is also a demo account where you can try trading.

About the bonus event

Bonuses are held irregularly, and some are held for a limited time. Always check the official page. Please check the detailed list of benefits. If you have a chance, please apply for the campaign. There have been many events in the past.

Many deposit and withdrawal methods

XM also supports bank transfer, credit card, and even online wallet payments. For operational reasons, users must also make withdrawals using the method they selected for deposits. You can also inquire at the official desk. There is a guide on the official website.

maximum leverage

The maximum leverage is 1000x, allowing high leverage trading. Be careful with high levers as there is a greater risk of loss cuts. This is a fairly high setting among brokers. You can quickly increase your funds with efficient trading. You can add new funds to your existing funds. Swap points are generated when trading across days.

Q&A about XM

We have compiled a list of questions, solutions, and frequently asked questions about XM. It will be difficult to remember unless you are taught how to use it, so please use this as a reference. It also explains the support provided by the operating company.