[XMTrading: For FX beginners] What are XM points? Check how to save loyalty (XMP) and explain how to use it

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XM has a “Loyalty Program” that allows you to exchange your accumulated loyalty points for “bonus” or “cash” according to the trading volume. The number of points earned per lot differs for each loyalty status based on the number of trading days, and the more loyalty points you can earn by trading continuously.

XMTrading features and company overview

XM is very popular among overseas Forex brokers. Registering as a member on the official website is easy and allows you to enjoy various functions. Please refer to the article below for details. Currently, services and limited campaigns are provided, and operational support is also provided. The maximum leverage is 1000x, which is a big advantage. Ordering is very smooth and you can add many accounts. It is difficult to win from the beginning, but as you gain experience you can make profits with low risk.

Trading prohibitions

There are quite a lot of rules that prohibit trading. Scalping is OK, but investing during the opening window at the beginning of the week is prohibited. Double-denomination is OK, and automatic trading is also permitted. You can also trade using your smartphone. If you continue trading during the period of economic indicators, leverage regulations will apply. If you engage in prohibited activities, your account will be frozen.

Also adopts zero cut

If the normal margin balance is zero or more and the funds become negative, the zero cut will be valid and reflected. Traders are not at risk of incurring debt. The operating company also has licenses from financial institutions around the world, making it safe and reliable.

XMTrading has many bonuses and campaigns

XM has many bonuses and campaigns. There are account opening bonuses, deposit bonuses, and even the XMP introduced here. There are various benefits, so please refer to the article below.

What are Loyalty Points (XMP)?

XM loyalty points refer to the points earned through the loyalty program that anyone who opens an account with XM can automatically join. The conditions for accumulating XM points are when the following apply. The more you put in and trade, the more points you can earn without any fees. It is a system that allows you to earn money even in small amounts.

  • Use a standard or micro account.
  • To actually deposit money into an account and trade.
  • Trade in stocks other than virtual currency.
  • Enter and hold a position for more than 10 minutes.
  • The number of trading days is counted even while holding a position.
  • The number of lots and positions is free.

Loyalty status

XM’s loyalty status is divided into four levels: “Executive”, “Gold”, “Diamond” and “Elite”. The amount of XM points that can be received differs for each level, and it is necessary to complete a certain number of trading days in order to rank up.

royalty statusAcceptable XMPto rank up Trading days required
Executive10 XMP
Gold13 XMP30 day or more
Diamond16 XMP60 day or more
Elite20 XMP100 day or more

Accumulated XM points can be redeemed for bonus credits or cash. Please note that you cannot exchange for cash that can be withdrawn unless your loyalty status is Diamond or higher.

How to check and exchange XM points (XMP)

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to check and exchange XM points (XMP). You can easily check your account. You can also check your trading profits and losses at the same time. Investors can check and receive points from My Page.

Confirmation method

First, log in to XM. To receive it, operate from each screen.


Source : https://xmtrading.com/

After logging in, you will see a screen similar to the one pictured above. You can check your points here.

Replacement procedure

Clicking XMP from the above screen will transition to the following screen.

Source : https://xmtrading.com/

At the bottom of the screen you can see how many bonuses and cash you can redeem your XM points for. Click Redeem Now to proceed with the redemption process for bonuses and cash.

Notes on XM points (XMP)

There are a few things to note about Loyalty Points.

Expires when the account is frozen

Please note that XM points (XMP) will disappear when the account is frozen. XM’s real account will become a “dormant account” if there is no transaction for 90 days, and will become a “frozen account” if left for another 90 days. Please note that the XM points you have accumulated so far will be reset to 0 when you become a “frozen account”.

Withdraw XM points (XMP)

XM points are points that are earned through transactions, and the points themselves cannot be withdrawn. Please note that in order to withdraw, you need to redeem your XM points at a certain rate.

micro account

The amount of XM points (XMP) earned by trading on a micro account is 1/100. The micro account has 1/100th the unit of 1 lot compared to the standard account. Therefore, even if you trade the same 1 lot, the XM points you earn in the micro account will be 1/100th of that amount, so be careful.

Zero Account / KIWAMI Kiwami Account

Zero accounts and KIWAMI Kiwami accounts are not eligible for XM points (XMP). XM Trading Zero and KIWAMI Kiwami accounts are not eligible for XM’s loyalty program. Therefore, no matter how much you trade with the ZERO account and the KIWAMI Kiwami account, you will not earn any XM points, so be careful.

Virtual currency trading

Virtual currency transactions such as Bitcoin are not eligible for XM points (XMP). Trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies is not covered by the XM Loyalty Program and does not earn XM points.