[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Free Webinar How to Participate Reputation Thorough Explanation

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About XM

Among XM’s many support systems, webinars are particularly popular. It is a seminar that anyone can participate for free without registering an account with XM. We will thoroughly explain what you can learn, reputation, and how to participate in such a popular webinar.

What is XM Webinar? What does it mean?

A webinar is an online seminar hosted by XM. The instructor is an investor named Ryushi Akimata. Many FX brokers have introduced webinars, and you can review your account details by downloading them later. Since Point is an investment account, there is a lot of content for complete beginners. This is a course that teaches market participants how to read candlesticks, how to use tools, withdrawal methods, analysis methods, market psychology, etc. It will also teach you how to increase your winning rate and how to place orders.

Explaining how to fight in the market and psychology

By attending the webinar on the day, you will understand that FX is not gambling. Taking advantage of the maximum leverage of 1000x, we will explain the target trade scenario, effective lot settings, scalping, problems, etc. You can learn about its response to price movements, its characteristics, and how to utilize it. You will also know how to take the price range and the timing of opportunities that come from experience. Please note that this is not suitable for advanced users.

Webinar materials will be distributed

Webinar materials will be provided for distribution. You can learn how to play the foreign exchange market, how to learn technical analysis such as start times, moving averages, and explanations of considerations. Market psychology and XM campaigns will also be explained. Since it is a live broadcast rather than a recording, you can ask questions at any time. By understanding it, participants can easily win in trading. It also teaches you things that you can’t understand from books.

XM webinar content

The content of the XM webinar is focused on Forex trading.

The contents of the lecture in January 2023 are as follows.

January 10thHigh price cut/low price cut & vice versa
January 11thDo you believe the Fibonacci story?
January 17thTrade correction for those who have had a painful experience
January 18thWith double rate, no double dipping sauce
January 24thZone position over one-shot position
January 25thForex webinar consisting only of questions
January 31stGold Silver … Consider CFD trading
Source : FXオンラインセミナー –XMTRADING.COMが開催する無料のライブFXオンラインセミナー

From the basics such as the difference between FX and other financial transactions, you can have a wide range of lectures on support and resistance.

There is a 15-minute question time at the end of each lecture, so it is recommended for beginners.

XM webinar dates

Webinars are held every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. It is held about 7 to 10 times a month, so please join us on a day that is convenient for you.

Benefits of Attending XM Webinars

Let’s start with the benefits of using webinars.

It is OK even if you do not open an account with XM

Webinars can be attended even if you do not have a real XM account.

15 minute question time

Every XM webinar has a 15 minute Q&A session. At that time, you can use the webinar’s audio function to ask questions directly to the instructor.


The seminar is practically 45 minutes long (1 hour in total). A 45-minute seminar may use about 50 slides, so there is a lot of information.

Take classes anywhere

The advantage of webinars is that you can attend the seminar anywhere.

Receive course materials

The materials actually taught in the webinar are easy to understand because they often use illustrations and charts and have a large amount of information. These materials will be available the next day.

Free course

Attending the webinar is basically free, so there is no risk at all. You can participate without spending any money, so feel free to participate.

live broadcast

Each webinar is held live. If you do not understand something or have any questions during the lectures, you can ask questions, and once a month there is a one-hour Q&A session.

The theme of the event is different every time.

The topic of each webinar is different each time. Those who wish to attend the webinar will be able to gradually increase their knowledge by participating.

How to join the webinar

I will explain how to apply for the webinar from the official website of XM. The same is true for computers and smartphones.

Select “Learn Forex” from the XM official website

You can access it from the Japanese page.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Select “FX Webinars” in the Learning Center

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

List of webinars scheduled for this month

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

Once you have selected the webinar you are interested in, enter your registration information

Input items are as follows.

Name (English)

country of residence

city you live in

phone number

email address

Your application is complete when you receive an email to your registered email address.

If you receive an email, your application is complete.

Install study app

Next, I will explain how to install the webinar app on your computer. It takes about 3 minutes to install the webinar app, so install it in advance so you don’t panic just before the start of the lecture.

The email you received from XM for the webinar included a link to check the system requirements. Click this link to check if the webinar is available on your computer.

Install webinar app

On your smartphone, you need to install the webinar-specific app in each store.

You can install it by searching for “webinar” in the Appstore.

Watch past videos

You cannot watch past videos of XM webinars. If you are interested in past videos, the only way to do this is to aim for a webinar on the topic you want to attend. If you are interested, please check the webinar schedule.

Taking an XM webinar does not mean you can win in FX.

XM’s webinars are a place to acquire basic knowledge for doing FX, not a place to teach techniques to win in FX. However, if you learn as much knowledge and methods as possible from the XM webinar, you will be able to acquire the basic knowledge to fight in FX.

Can I cancel a webinar?

XM webinars can be canceled. Access the admission URL in your reservation confirmation email. After that, open the reservation screen and click the cancel button to complete the cancellation.