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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Currency units and lots

For those who want to start trading with XM, it is necessary to understand currency units and lots. For those who do not know 1 lot of XM, I will explain the number of currencies in 1 lot, the minimum lot and the maximum lot.
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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Language Settings and Language Switching Method Official Page/MT4/MT5

XM Trading is a Forex company that is traded by people from many countries around the world. When opening a real account or depending on how you access the XM Trading website, it may be displayed in a language other than your native language. So I wrote an article about how to switch languages.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] List of American Economic Indicators

While many investors trade in the forex market, it is the US economic indicators that have the greatest impact on all currency pairs. The results of US economic indicators are watched by investors around the world who trade stocks and foreign exchange, and exchange rates often fluctuate greatly. What are some of the US economic indicators?

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] What is MT4 GMT? Glossary of terms

When trading with XM, I think that MT4 is often used as the trading platform. What you need to know when using MT4 is "GMT". I created this article as an article for those who don't really know what this is. please refer.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] How to win trades Aim for rebound points

There are many people who open an account with XM and do not know how to win even if they start trading. Therefore, I am writing an article on how to win in discretionary trading. This time it is an article about the rebound point from buy to sell and sell to buy.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Meaning of Terms What is CFD? Brands handled

XM Trading does not only deal with exchange rates. In addition to FX currency pairs, we offer a number of CFD products including precious metals, stock indices, crude oil, agricultural commodities, and more. The unique appeal of XM is that you can trade a wide range of Forex and CFDs just by opening a real account.
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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Regarding taxes Can tax evasion be exposed?

Did you know that profits earned from XM trading are subject to tax liability in principle? If an individual earns some kind of income, as a general rule, it is tax evasion unless they file a final tax return and pay taxes. Those who use XM and make a profit annually may be penalized if they do not pay their taxes properly.