[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Self-affiliation is prohibited Family and friends OK?

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XM has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions, but self-affiliation is prohibited. Some of you who are thinking about starting an affiliate will not know what is prohibited and what is OK. I am writing an article about affiliate rules.

About XM Affiliates

XM Affiliate (XM Partner) is XM’s referral program, and new traders can earn rewards when trading after opening an account with XM from blogs and sites. You can get up to $10 rewards for each round trip lot (100,000 currency), and it is attractive that you can earn rewards continuously. In addition, there is also an affiliate method of introducing affiliates (partners) to XM. Please refer to the following articles.

XM prohibits self-affiliation

The biggest advantage of affiliates in XM is that they can earn income continuously, but there are also caveats. It means that self-affiliation is prohibited. XM prohibits self-affiliation and any violation will result in the termination of the partnership. There are other penalties such as confiscation of profits and freezing of accounts, so be sure not to violate them.

What is a self-affiliate (self-back)?

Self-affiliate (self-back) is to open an account by yourself via your own affiliate link, trade and earn rewards. In the case of a self-affiliate, you cannot say that you have “introduced” a trader because the referral target is yourself. Since XM wants to acquire more traders, self-affiliation is considered an NG act.

Affiliate with family and friends

XM does not allow self-affiliation, but allows family members and friends to register as traders or sub-affiliates (sub-IBs). If your family and friends register, you can build a system like a self-affiliate. From XM’s point of view, family affiliates are simply introducing XM to people other than themselves.


However, using another person’s identification without permission to register is not only a violation of XM’s terms, but also an abuse of personal information.

Open an affiliate account with the same IP address

In the case of family affiliates, there are cases where family members register as partners and open accounts from the same computer. XM allows family affiliates to use the same IP address. However, even if it is a family member, it is NG to open an account without the person’s permission.

Register a self-affiliate on a cashback site

For people who live alone or who find it difficult to get help from family members, we recommend self-affiliation using a cashback site. If you use a cashback site, you don’t need to go through the troublesome procedure using your family as introduced above. Cashback sites are attractive because you can get up to $ 8 per lot, but instead, accounts created via cashback sites cannot receive bonuses.

If you want a bonus, you can create an additional account and create a separate account, but the disadvantage is that the cashback account and the bonus account are separate.