This site is operated by NY. I have about 5 years of FX experience, and I use XM Trading every day to trade. When I started trading, I couldn’t win at all. After more than a year since I started trading, I woke up to swing trading and began to trade on a daily and weekly basis and was able to win.

XM Trading is suitable for day trading and swing trading

XM Trading is a Forex company that is not very suitable for those who mainly do scalping, as it has a good reputation on the Internet. It will be a highly recommended Forex company for traders like me who settle in a few hours to a few days. Therefore, XM Trading can be said to be a company suitable for day trading and swing trading.

Converge in the direction of daily and weekly

If you are thinking of starting trading from now on, if you remember just this, trading will be very easy. That is, the overall direction of the chart converges towards the daily and weekly directions. Therefore, a trading opportunity will come after a big move in a direction different from the overall direction. If the direction of the daily and weekly bars is a range in the first place, I don’t know which way it will go, but if the chart has a clear direction, this tactic will generally fit. I would encourage anyone who is about to start trading to give it a try.