[XM Trading: For beginners] Is FX the same as gambling (pachinko)? Let’s quit pachinko and play forex

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There are so many people who think that forex and gambling are the same. In fact, for those who have never done Forex, it is not guaranteed to win, so if you lose, it will be a big loss, so it looks like gambling. However, there is a big difference between FX and pachinko.

Why is forex called gambling?

Forex tends to be generally referred to as gambling. The reason is as follows. In fact, there are many places where it does. And the fact that there are many things that the user cannot control is also the reason why it is said to be gambling.

90% are losing

FX loses 90%. If 90% can’t win, it’s the same as not everyone can win. Many people think of it as gambling because it is very difficult to win.

can’t control the market

You can’t control the market itself, whether it’s the exchange market or the stock market. Because they fight in a place where they can never be tampered with, they can only be seen as gambling.

no warranty

No investment is guaranteed. No one will give you your money back if you lose. Therefore, many people think that there is no guarantee and that it is gambling.

Economic indicators and political events

When economic and political events occur, markets can be volatile and costly. For that reason, it is normal that you do not know the image that you can easily win. Now that there is a war going on, the impact of political events is very large.

Difference between FX and Pachinko

So what is the difference between pachinko and FX, which are said to be the same gambling?

Pachinko can’t win 100%

Forex can increase your odds of winning. However, the reality is that pachinko cannot win 100%. In pachinko, the store can freely manipulate the nails and settings. In other words, you have to fight in a situation where victory or defeat is decided from the beginning. For users, the win rate is 0% from the beginning. The same is true for slots. Forex can increase the winning rate by polishing experience and skills.

Forex is skill and experience

By honing your skills and experience, you can improve and win forex. Beginners can never win 100% in the case of Forex and stocks, but by building up a few years of experience, the number of times they lose gradually decreases. It is different from pachinko where the winning rate is 0% from the beginning. Whether or not you can win at pachinko no matter how much you hone your skills depends on the store. There is no point in accumulating experience points.

where to fight

The place to fight is different between FX and pachinko. Forex trading is done after registering with a forex company, but you can trade from a PC or a smartphone, so you don’t have to choose a place. However, in the case of pachinko, you can’t do it unless you go to the store in the first place. It can only be done in an environment controlled by the store.

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