[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Can I use free VPS? Settings, installation and usage explanation

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You can use VPS for free with XM Trading. VPS is essential for those who do automated trading. You can use VPS for free with XM. Even though it is free, the movement is smooth and the specs are sufficient compared to other companies. It has a good reputation and many people use it. There are conditions to use XM VPS for free. Please note that money will be deducted from your account if the conditions are not met.

What is VPS?

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. You can rent a server from a VPS company and use it by connecting remotely from your home PC. Automated trading has the advantage of being able to monitor trading opportunities while the market is moving, but to keep the automated trading system running, MT4/MT5 must be kept running.

My home computer has its limits. However, with VPS, you can run MT4/MT5 without any worries. If you rent a VPS near the Forex broker’s trading server, you will be able to speed up the communication and speed up the execution speed because there is no geographical distance.

Server location matters

The point to consider when choosing a VPS is where the VPS server is located, as it relates to the execution speed. Forex brokers’ servers are often installed in the world’s financial centers of New York and London, but if you are a forex broker who focuses on the trading environment for Asian customers, you can also trade in Asia. I also have a server set up. XM trading servers are located in London.

Recommended for Mac users

Although it is not well known, VPS is recommended not only for EA users but also for Mac users. The advantage is that you can use all the functions of MT4/MT5 without putting a burden on your PC’s memory or hard disk. Runs on a computer and provides high performance. If you have a lot of investment capital, you can operate more than one.

XM Trading VPS

XM has the benefit of being able to use free VPS. If you meet the conditions of account balance and trading lot at XM, you can rent a VPS for free. Even if you do not meet the conditions, you can contract the same VPS for a fee ($28 per month) via XM. Members can trade 24 hours a day on their desktop or smartphone app without any problems. VPS can also be used with exness, threetrader, hfm, easy markets, axiory, titanfx, bigboss, etc.

Conditions for using a free VPS

With XM, you can sign up for a VPS for free if you meet the following conditions. Therefore, the hurdles are very low, so if you have a proven track record, you will be eligible immediately. On the 1st of each month, if either condition is not met, $28 will be automatically deducted from your account balance. When the account balance reaches 0 and withdrawals are no longer possible, the VPS contract will be automatically canceled and deleted, all data will be lost, and operations will stop and be closed.

  • Trading more than 5 lots (500,000 currency) per month
  • Account balance over $5000

VPS specs

VPS performance is compared by CPU, memory, and HDD numbers, just like PC specs. VPS performance is as follows. XM’s VPS is the cheapest Bronze plan among Beeks’ VPS plans, but Beeks recommends 9 charts and up to 3 MT4s.

OSWindows 2012 R2
CPU1 Core

Beeks support

As stated on the XM official website, “Support after applying for VPS service will be provided directly in English by VPS provider BeeksFX.” Communication sent from Beeks, such as notification emails, is basically in English. The support system of Beeks is substantial. Support hours are as follows.

URLHome Page
Live ChatAM9:00~PM10:00(Japan Time)
Email Supportsupport-ty3@beeksfx.com (Japan Department)
support@beeksfx.com (Global Department)

How to apply for VPS

Now let me explain how to apply for Beeks VPS.

Log in to the official XM website. Then select your VPS from “Account”. Even with the introduction of VPS, investors are given swap points, and scalping and double trading are also possible. The fees will be the same, and there will be no difference in the trade content. You will also receive a bonus at the same time, so you can apply for it from My Page. Operation speed depends on communication speed.


For the English version, select VPS Service from “Account”.


When the application page is displayed, check the details of the terms and conditions and click “Request VPS”. You can check if the VPS is paid or free on this page. If the account balance is less than $28 (equivalent amount), only the “Deposit” button will be displayed, so first perform the deposit procedure and then make a request.


The VPS request confirmation screen will be displayed, so click “Confirm”. Your request is complete when you see the “XM MT4/MT5 VPS – Your request has been received” screen. Beeks will contact you directly after this.


How to access VPS

Once Beeks has completed setting up your VPS, an email with the subject “Welcome to Beeks Financial Cloud” will be sent to your XM registered email address. Make a note of “Username” and “Initial Password” to connect to the VPS.

Download RDP file

To access the VPS, use the PC’s “remote desktop connection” function, but if the PC is Windows, you can easily access it with the RDP file sent by Beeks. An RDP file is a file that contains VPS information in advance so that you can easily access the VPS.

Visit VPS

When you open the RDP file, you will see the message “The publisher of this remote connection cannot be identified. Would you like to connect?” Click “Connect”.

The VPS access screen will be displayed, so please enter the username and initial password described in the email from Beeks. When using Beeks’ RDP file, the user name is usually entered in advance, so you only need to enter the password.

Compare VPS of XM and other Forex companies

We will compare the performance with the FX traders provided by VPS by category.

Free VPS

Fee per month$28$28$28$30
memory1.5 GB1.0 GB4.0 GB1.3 GB
CPU1 Core1 Core?1 Core
HDD20GB?60 GB25 GB

There is no big difference in specs for trading VPS of any vendor. If you feel that the specs are not enough, consider a paid VPS instead of a free VPS.

Paid VPS

Fee per month$28$20$24.99$18.5
memory1.5 GB4.0 GB2.0 GB2.0 GB
CPU1 Core2 Core1 Core2 Core
HDD20GB60 GB40 GB20 GB

XM’s VPS has slightly lower specs than paid VPS. If you meet the conditions, you can use it for free, so it can’t be helped that it’s inferior to a paid VPS. In paid VPS, VULTR has high specs and is used by traders all over the world.