[XM Trading: For beginners] Characteristics of people who lose every day in FX and stock day trading

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Forex day trading is very difficult. First of all, there are many cases where day trading does not aim for a large price range, and most cases are short trades. Even if you can earn a lot of money, there are many cases where you do it in one shot, so you need to take care of your mental side.

Characteristics of people who lose every day in FX and stock day trading

The characteristics of people who lose every day in FX and stock day trading are limited to the following cases. In fact, it is not so difficult to take countermeasures because it is patterned.


Beginners who are not used to trading yet will lose whether it is day trading or swing trading. I still don’t know the chart pattern, and most of the cases I don’t know how the chart moves. Focus first on being able to trade rather than winning and losing. Anyway, let’s get used to trading first.

mentally disturbed person

A steady boom is exactly the result of day trading. Day trading is based on short. I aim for a small price range, but even if my winning rate exceeds 90%, I end up losing a lot in the last 10% and often end up losing on that day. Especially on days when day trading is negative, there are many cases where people are psychologically impatient. Professional traders are often mentally impatient, so they often start strange trades and lose a lot of money. People who are mentally impatient are prone to this tendency.

annoyed person

Frustrated people also tend to be overwhelmed by the market. If you go backwards and the blood rises to your head, you may enter with emotions and lose even more. Day trading is a mountain of stop loss. If you get frustrated there, you will be swallowed up by the waves of the market, and you will be beaten all the way.

person trying to get back

If the income and expenditure becomes negative even a little, there are people who try to recover it and raise the lot significantly. However, this is not recommended. If it goes wrong, the loss will be very large. The stronger the desire to get back, the more the lot increases, and the more you lose.

Day trading has low profit margins

The biggest problem with day trading is that the profit margins are very small. Since short is the basis, it is not so easy to make a big profit with one trade. A single win in day trading is not very profitable, so a single big loss can wipe out a day’s profit. Therefore, there are many trades, and there is a disadvantage that it is easy to see the chart all the time. Professional traders tend to look at charts.

stop loss and take profit points

There are many cases where people who do it steadily do not have a loss cut point and a profit take point. There are many people who take profits when there is even a small unrealized profit, and endure when there is an unrealized loss. Instead, we recommend that you decide your risk-reward ratio before entering. If you set it at 1:2 or more and decide the loss cut point and profit take point in advance, you will not be in trouble. Loss of hesitation makes it easier to cut losses.

Swing trading also has disadvantages

I explained the disadvantages of day trading, but swing trading also has disadvantages. A swing trade can make a big profit if you get a price range once. However, in the case of swing trading, the number of trades tends to be extremely small. There are many people who cannot create a trading rhythm, so it is difficult to say whether swing trading can be generally recommended. Therefore, it is ideal to do swing trading as well as day trading.

I don’t care about the income and expenditure of the day

People who lose every day in day trading are people who care about whether that day wins or loses. If so, it is important to trade without worrying about the balance of the day. One month total plus is more important than immediate income and expenditure. More importantly, it is more important to achieve total plus in one year. It’s all about being able to trade in the long run.

XM is recommended

XM allows you to trade not only precious metals, cryptocurrencies and stocks, but also forex. In addition, KIWAMI, an account type with narrow spreads, has also appeared. Therefore, it can be said that it is a highly recommended Forex company for trading.