[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Registration if you do not reside in the United States, China, Canada, New Zealand

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About XM

XM Trading is a well-known FX company in the world and has a large number of users. There are several operating companies in the XM group, and XMtrading will be a company exclusively for Asian users. Depending on the company, there are some nationalities that cannot be registered, so you have to change the registration destination depending on the operating company.

3 companies

The XM Group has three operating companies. The difference between each is the difference in the countries they serve. The services that can be provided differ according to the laws of each country. So XM splits the company, separates the countries where the licenses are obtained, and the locations are different.


XM.com offers its services to European residents. The maximum leverage a Forex broker can offer in Europe is 30x. XM separated XM.com from XMGlobal in 2018 against the backdrop of the European Securities and Markets Authority’s leverage regulation aimed at protecting individual investors.

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This is from the Seychelles Islands, where licensing regulations are loose among the XM Group. Among the licenses acquired by the XM Group, the regulations are the loosest. XMtrading is in the Asian region, but China etc. cannot be registered. Such cases are applicable to XM Global’s Service Territory. XMtrading is in Asia, but mainly for Japanese users. This involves the Japanese Financial Services Agency. If an unlicensed company in Japan solicits Japanese people to participate in Forex trading, the FSA will be in great trouble because Japanese law cannot protect Japanese people.

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XMGlobal serves residents outside of Europe and Asia. We also hold multiple difficult-to-obtain licenses such as Belize IFSC, Cyprus CySec, and Australia ASIC. XMGlobal has a very strong implication that it is for residents other than Europe and Japan. Chinese will also be under XMGlobal’s jurisdiction.

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Countries where XM cannot be used

Not all countries are allowed to register on either XMtrading or XM.com. If you cannot find your country of residence, you may be living in a country where the use of XM is prohibited. Specifically, the following countries are prohibited from using XM:

  • America
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Belize

Circumstances vary from country to country. The US prohibits the use of foreign Forex brokers. If you live in one of the above countries, you cannot register with XM.