[XM Trading: For Beginners] Trading and Characteristics of CFD Stock Indices Differences between Spots and Futures

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XM Trading is primarily known as a Forex company. But XM doesn’t just deal with foreign exchange. We also handle stocks, virtual currencies, precious metals and energy. This article is about stock indices.

List of CFD Stock Index Stocks

XM offers a total of 24 stocks, including 14 spot stock indices and 10 futures stock indices. First, we compiled a list of stocks that can be traded in kind. For cash stock indices, long positions can receive dividends.

BrandMin SpreadMargin requirement rateTrade Time(Japan Time)
AUS200Cash1%weekday : 06:55 – 13:25,
   14:15 – 03:55
EU50Cash1.51%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
FRA40Cash11%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
GER40Cash11%weekday : 06:05 – 16:15,
   16:30 – 16:55
HK50Cash11.5%weekday : 09:20 – 11:55,
   13:05 – 16:25
   17:20 – 00:55
IT40Cash11%weekday : 16:05 – 00:35
JP225Cash10.5%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
NETH25Cash0.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
SPAIN35Cash11%weekday : 16:05 – 02:55
SWI20Cash0.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
UK100Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US100Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US30Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55
US500Cash0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:15,
   04:30 – 04:55

Below is a list of futures products.

BrandMin SpreadMargin requirement rateTrade Time(Japan Time)
EU500.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
FRA400.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
GER400.011%weekday : 06:05 – 16:10,
   04:30 – 04:55
JP22510.5%weekday : 06:05 – 16:10,
   04:30 – 04:55
SWI200.011%weekday : 15:05 – 04:55
UK1000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
US1000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
US5000.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55
USDX0.011%weekday : 06:05 – 04:55,
   04:30 – 04:55

Difference between futures and cash

The stock index of XM is characterized by handling two types of spot and futures. So what is the difference between futures and cash?

spot trading

Spot trading is characterized by the fact that it can only be traded within the investment amount. In order to make a profit in spot trading, a certain amount of investment is required, but on the other hand, the risk is limited and the loss can be expected to some extent. Leverage trading is not possible, so you cannot make a lot of money with a small amount of money. In addition, the actual item must enter from the purchase. Because you can’t sell without buying.

futures trading

A futures contract is simply a contract that promises to buy or sell an asset at a specified price in the future. The feature of futures trading is that leveraged trading is possible, so you can place an order that is several times the amount of your investment funds. Therefore, with a small amount of money, you can make big trades. Also, unlike physical trading, you can enter both buying and selling.

Characteristics of Stock Indices

Stock index trading has the following characteristics:

Trading on weekends and holidays

As you can see from the above, stock index trading can only be done on weekdays. In addition, trading hours are different in summer and winter, and regular maintenance hours do not correspond to trading. Please note that there is an hour difference in trading hours between summer time and winter time.

Supports zero cut

If it is a zero cut, the loss of more than the deposited investment will not occur. If you trade with a Forex company that does not support zero cut, in the worst case, you will be in debt when the loss exceeds the deposit amount. However, XM uses a zero cut system.

Trade both spot & futures

XM stock indices can be traded both spot and futures. With futures, you can also multiply leverage, so it is possible to earn a large amount of money with a small amount of money.


You can get dividends if you own the spot at XM. The dividend calculation method is as follows.

Dividend = dividend adjustment ÷ number of lots

The timing for receiving dividends is predetermined and can be confirmed on the official page. Select “Trading” → “Stock Indices” from the official page.

Home Page

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

An explanation of index dividends is provided. Swap points are awarded for spot transactions. However, the swap points of the stock index are all negative for both buying and selling, so let’s consider it before trading.

Source : https://www.xmtrading.com/

How to start trading

In order to start trading stock indices, you will first need to open an account. Please follow the steps below to open an account.