[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Q&A about XM bonuses

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XM has a bonus system that other companies do not have. Therefore, since we know that there are many people who have questions about the bonus system, we created a Q&A. please refer.

What are the XM bonuses?

XM bonuses include friend referral bonuses, account opening bonuses and even loyalty points. Please refer to the article below.

Can I trade with bonuses only?

If you open an account with XM, you will receive a bonus of 3,000 yen as a margin, so if you use this as a base, you can trade with only the bonus.

Can I withdraw my bonus?

The bonus cannot be withdrawn. You can only withdraw the profit generated by trading with the bonus.

I cannot receive the account opening bonus.

There are several reasons why you may not receive the XM account opening bonus. If you can not receive the bonus or it is not reflected, let’s ask the support.

Does the account opening bonus have an expiration date?

There is a deadline. If there is no login or transaction for 30 days after opening an account with XM, the account opening bonus will automatically expire.

Is it possible to trade with bonuses only on an additional account?

Even if you create an additional account with XM, you cannot receive the account opening bonus. Therefore, only the first account opened can be traded with bonuses alone.

Can my account be frozen if I continue to trade with bonuses only?

Your account will not be frozen by continuing to trade with only bonuses. However, your account may be frozen if you continue to act prohibited by XM’s terms of use, such as trades aimed only at the time of the announcement of economic indicators or cross-building using other companies’ accounts. Please refer to the article below.

Will the bonus (credit) disappear if I transfer funds between accounts?

Bonuses (credits) will not disappear even if you transfer funds. The bonus will also be transferred at the same rate as the amount transferred to the balance.

What will happen to the bonus if I transfer funds to the KIWAMI Kiwami account?

KIWAMI Polar account is not eligible for the deposit bonus, so the bonus will disappear if you transfer funds.

Can I get a bonus even if I open an account for the second time?

If you are opening an account for the second time, you will not be able to receive the new account opening bonus of 13,000 yen. On the one hand, you can receive a deposit bonus.

How do I receive the account opening bonus?

After registering on the official website, you can receive the account opening bonus by submitting identification documents and activating the account.

Will I be taxed on my deposit bonus?

XM deposit bonuses are tax-free.

When will the deposit bonus be reflected?

XM deposit bonuses are reflected as soon as funds are successfully deposited into your account.

My deposit bonus disappeared, why?

XM’s deposit bonus can be partially or fully removed by withdrawing or transferring funds from your account.

How many times can I receive the deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus can be claimed on multiple deposits up to the account limit of $10,500.