[XM Trading: For Beginners] Are Forex 100 Million Traders Lie? Trap of information products

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Looking at SNS and Youtube, there are many talented traders who earn more than 100 million yen. They advertise and sell their trading methods, but are they really million traders?

Billion Trader is not easy

Being a billion trader is not easy in the first place. As a matter of fact, Forex has the advantage of making money, but there is also the risk of losing money. Therefore, it is not always possible to win. The more successful traders cut their losses, the more mundane the work they do every day, the more difficult it is to become a billionaire trader.

Why do billion traders sell information products?

Billion traders are advertising their methods on SNS and Youtube, but why are they selling information products? should be questioned. In the first place, if you are really earning money in billions, you don’t need to sell information products, right? You should think. Some of the billion traders may be genuine, but most of them share the following tendencies.


Most of the self-proclaimed billionaire traders are affiliates. They advertise that they are making billions of dollars, and sell unbeatable methods and indicators at high prices. We also sell automated trading systems. Automated trading systems have low interest rates and are so inefficient that they are like garbage from the discretionary trader’s point of view.

Investment salon management

Some claiming to be billionaire traders run investment salons. But most salons don’t teach much. I’m just telling you the information you can pick up if you search around here. Also, the amount of membership in the salon is often terribly high, so you should never join.

beautiful or handsome

Among those who claim to be billion traders, there are people who are very good looking. It is common for Instagram and Youtube to have beautiful and handsome people appearing. These performers are nothing more than puppets being manipulated, there is actually a mastermind pulling the strings behind the scenes. If you show a beautiful or handsome person, some people will be lured to buy information products, so it will be a very good role.

Majority of those with an annual income of 100 million yen or more are stock and FX traders

In the case of Japan, there is a fact that the majority of people earning more than 100 million yen a year are stock and FX traders. This is actually announced by the National Tax Agency, so please go and see it. Therefore, there are actually over 100 million super traders. But would these people go out of their way to sell information products or promote them on YouTube? You should be skeptical about this. Real traders use that time to trade if they are doing such a profitable business.