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[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Free Webinar How to Participate Reputation Thorough Explanation

Among XM's many support systems, webinars are particularly popular. It is a seminar that anyone can participate for free without registering an account with XM. We will thoroughly explain what you can learn, reputation, and how to participate in such a popular webinar.
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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Christmas and Year-end/New Year Holidays

XM Trading is also a corporate entity, so it is not open all year round. XM's year-end and New Year holidays and Christmas will be irregular, so it is necessary to check the schedule in advance. If you are interested in the schedule for the new year's holiday, please take a look at the end.
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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Is it possible to trade on weekends and holidays?

Forex can be traded on weekdays, but can it be done on weekends? There are some rules you should know when using XM on weekends and holidays. Because XM is not open 24/7. Forex is similar, there are working days and holidays, so traders must be aware of the difference.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Q&A on Deposit Methods

It is said that troubles related to deposits often occur at XM. I think there are many worries, such as not knowing how to deposit, or the deposit method being more difficult than expected. I made a Q&A page, so I hope you can use it as a solution.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] What is risk reward in trading?

For traders, trading does not always guarantee profit. There will always be risks. Unless the risk reward is properly balanced, you will not be able to earn money in Forex. In this article, what is Risk Reward? I will explain in detail and explain why it is not possible to make a profit in Forex if the risk reward is not set properly.