[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Q&A about XM bonuses

XM has a bonus system that other companies do not have. Therefore, since we know that there are many people who have questions about the bonus system, we created a Q&A. please refer.

[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Thorough explanation of prohibited matters and violation of terms of use in trading

There are some trading methods prohibited by the Terms of Use on XMTRAIDNG. Not everything is OK with XMTRAIDNG. If you trade on XM without knowing the prohibitions, you will receive penalties such as account freezing and withdrawal refusal. I will explain XM's trading rules that you should know so as not to violate the terms of use.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] How to Win by Trading Daily and Weekly Directions

Many people are thinking of starting scalping trading using XM. It is said that XM is not suitable for scalping. A narrow spread is important for scalping, but in the case of XM, the spread is wide and it is not suitable.

[XMTrading: For FX Beginners] Latest bonus types and campaigns Thorough explanation of how to open an account and receive deposit bonus

Among the many Forex companies around the world, XM is said to be one of the Forex companies with a substantial deposit bonus. There are three types of XM bonus campaigns: "account opening bonus", "deposit bonus" and "loyalty points". I will explain the main contents.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Reviews and Reputation of XM – Japanese User Edition

XM Trading is the world's most popular Forex broker. It is used by many users and is expected to continue to grow. However, among those who are thinking of using XM from now on, I think there are many people who are wondering if the usability of XM itself is the torso. So, I collected the raw voices of XM users.

[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Economic indicators and politics to watch out for in trading

Economic indicators and politics are the ones to watch out for when trading. There is a scene where the value fluctuates wildly at the time of a specific day in Forex trading. This is because announcements called economic indicators are made at that time. The timing of the announcement of economic indicators is likely to cause price fluctuations, and depending on the content of the announcement, price movements may exceed expectations. Therefore, beginners should be careful about time.
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[XM Trading: For Forex Beginners] Support Center Business Hours and Supported Languages

At XM Trading, if you have any troubles or questions, you can solve them through the support center. There are many things that people who contact support for the first time do not know, such as what kind of inquiry methods are available, how to make an inquiry, and what kind of questions to ask. I am writing an article about the contact information when you want to contact XM.